Brief introduction of spiral classifier by Jinhao Mining Machinery

Spiral classifiers mainly include high weir single and double spiral types, low weir single and double spiral types, sinking single and double spiral classifiers. Low weir types are rarely used nowadays, mainly high weir, submerged and spiral classifiers.

    Spiral classifiers are installed with the water tank inclined. The angle of inclination is determined by the equipment configuration of the process. The drive unit rotates the screw in the tank. The ground slurry enters the tank through the side inlet and forms at the lower end of the tank. The surface area and volume of the slurry settling area is determined by the inclination of the tank and the height of the overflow weir. The low-speed rotating spiral can provide some agitation. After agitation of the slurry, light and fine particles are suspended at the top to form an overflow which overflows from the overflow weir at the end of the tank and flows to the next beneficiation process. Coarse particles sink to the bottom of the tank and form a reflux. The sand particles are conveyed by spiral to the ore discharge.


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