Consulting, testing and design services

The purpose of engineering consultation is to let customers have an overall concept of their beneficiation plant; beneficiation test to determine a reasonable joint process flow, laboratory closed circuit test, to obtain various technical parameters, to provide the basis for continuous expansion test, and to achieve as the basis for the preliminary design of the beneficiation plant; Jinhao Mining will do a comprehensive field inspection of the customer's mine, including the beneficiation plant supply raw ore, plant site, water and electricity, traffic, geography, etc.



Equipment production and installation and commissioning services

The manufacturing of spiral classifier, dry ball mill and mineral processing equipment is the responsibility of Jinhao Mining Machinery production workshop, which has formed a complete and strict quality management system in equipment manufacturing and operates strictly in accordance with the requirements of the quality manual.

Installation and commissioning is the key link in the overall service of Jinhao company to really realize the mineral processing test, mine design and equipment manufacturing, which is directly related to whether the processing plant can reach the standard and production.



Achievement of standards and user training

Jinhao mining machine services to meet the standards and production include: to achieve the expected recovery rate, to reach the production capacity of the designed production capacity for the customer's processing plant, product quality to meet the requirements, the consumption indicators meet the requirements, production costs are effectively controlled, and the process equipment can operate stably. User training has two purposes, one is to let the customer's processing plant put into production as soon as possible and produce benefits; the other is to train the customer's own technical team to provide guarantee for the normal operation of the processing plant in the future.


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