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Yantai Jinhao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a heavy mining machinery and equipment company specializing in the production of gold ore processing equipment, re-election equipment, flotation equipment, mineral processing equipment, sand and gravel material production line, gold ore processing production line. We mainly produce and process center drive high efficiency concentrator, water mill, dry ball mill, energy saving ball mill, mining mixing tank, spiral classifier, flotation machine equipment, circular vibrating screen, grinding equipment and many other varieties of crushing, screening, grinding, classifying, mixing, flotation, cyanidation for mining. Jinhao Mining Machinery is dedicated to the design and manufacture of production lines for gold, iron ore, copper, lead-zinc ore and other non-ferrous metals and non-metals, and is a professional manufacturer and exporter of mineral processing equipment. The company was awarded as "Civilized and Honest Private Enterprise" by Yantai City Bureau of Industry and Commerce. The company has been awarded as "Municipal Contract-keeping and Creditable Enterprise", "Consumer Satisfaction Unit", "Bright Star of Private Enterprise", and has been awarded as "Management Advanced Unit", "Advanced Unit of Financial Contribution".

I. Purpose of Engineering Consulting

    The purpose of engineering consultation is to let customers have an overall concept of their own processing plant, including the value of the mine, the useful elements of minerals, the available processing process, the scale of the plant, the required equipment, the duration of work, etc., so that customers basically have a good idea.

II. the specific content of engineering consulting

    When the customer needs engineering consultation, Jinhao Mining Machinery headquarters will first arrange an experienced mineral processing engineer to determine whether the ore is electable according to the mineral element analysis sheet provided by the customer. The basis of the expert in the mineral element analysis sheet mainly includes: element content (how much, type), element distribution state, useful element recovery rate, etc.

    After determining that the ore is optional, the technical support department, based on the approximate size of the mine that it understands, simply makes contact with the various departments of the ore processing construction to get a general understanding of the various aspects involved in the construction of this processing plant, so that each department can give an approximate quotation. These departments mainly include geology, mining, mineral processing, smelting, machinery, civil construction, electricity, etc. The technical support department finally integrates the suggestions given by these departments and provides the customer with a brief quotation for the overall construction of the processing plant.

    The more detailed information provided by the customer, the more detailed and accurate the information given by the mining consulting will be. In general, the main content of mine consulting generally includes these parts: mining part, mineral processing part, external conditions, investment estimation and economic benefit analysis.

    Since engineering consulting can only explain all the problems involved in building a processing plant based on the limited information provided by the customer, the engineer's rich experience is the key, and only experienced engineers can provide detailed engineering consulting to customers, so that customers can have a good idea of their mine value and processing plant.



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