Mine Design

 Mine design mainly includes three parts: feasibility study, preliminary design and construction drawing design.
The most important point of mine design is that all its work must be based on detailed field inspection, so Jinhao Mine will do a comprehensive field inspection of the customer's mine, including the raw ore for the processing plant, the plant site, water and electricity, traffic, geography and so on.
These inspections require the cooperation of geology, mining, mineral processing, smelting, machinery, civil engineering, electricity and other departments in order to complete.

I. Feasibility Study
In the feasibility study stage, the mine design institute and the commissioning unit (client) need to sign a commissioning agreement first. After both parties reach an agreement, Compose starts to form a working group to start the work, which includes: making work plan, investigation and research, collecting information, program preparation and optimization, project evaluation, preparing the Report, exchanging opinions with the commissioning unit, and forming the official Report.
Among all the work carried out by the working group, investigation and research, data collection and program optimization of the client's mine are the most important, and are the important basis for determining the practicality and feasibility of the plant construction program. For these important parts, the working group needs different professional division of labor, specifically including:

1、Geological profession: collect the "Geological Census Design", "Geological Exploration (Detailed Investigation) Report" or "Reserve Verification Report" and approval documents submitted by qualified geological exploration department.
2、Mining: collect information including: (1) the owner's opinions and requirements on mine construction; (2) for new mines, collect existing prospecting engineering layout drawings; for technically modified mines, collect detailed information on the existing mine development and transportation system; (3), get a detailed grasp of the mine topography and surrounding environmental conditions; (4), the design information of the pre-design stage of the mine.
Combining these data, mining experts design or optimize the mining method, mining equipment, ventilation system, etc., and come up with a feasible plan for the mining part.

3、Mining machine profession: collect the information of mine in lifting, transportation, air pressure, drainage and ventilation, so as to judge the status of existing equipment of mine or the quantity and specification of equipment needed for new mine, and come up with feasible plans for optimal use and procurement of mine equipment.
4、Professional ore dressing: for new projects, we need to collect the following information: "Ore Selectivity Test Report", topographic map of the plant (1:500 1:1000), water, electricity, tailings storage, environmental protection requirements around the plant site, the owner's construction standards, investment amount, the owner's construction views, etc. For the expansion project, we need to collect: the existing scale of the project, the ore selectivity experiment report and the current status of the production process, the production operation index and material consumption, the existing equipment type and production capacity, the general layout of the existing beneficiation plant and the equipment configuration diagram of each workshop, and the problems of production. According to these information, the new processing plant or expansion project of the beneficiation process to come up with a feasible plan.
5、Electricity profession: For the new mine, the electric power profession needs to collect (1), the power supply environment around the mine (2), the topography and geomorphology between the mine and the power supply (3), the basic situation of the power substation (4), the requirements of the local power supply department for users, such as: power factor, power supply mode, the start-up mode of large power equipment (5), the local requirements for lightning protection and grounding (6), the external communication mode and the local communication status. For the expansion and renovation of the mine, it is necessary to collect: (1), the current status of the mine power supply (2), the overview of the superior substation (3), the existing security power setting (4), the existing communication status.
After collecting the information, the electric power profession will come up with a feasible plan for the electric power system of the new mine or the re-expansion mine.

6、Civil construction profession: Collect information including: (1), survey the site geomorphological condition; (2), collect hydrogeological information, "Geotechnical Engineering Survey Report" about the mine; (3), understand the local architectural style, structure form and waterproof, insulation and other building customary practices; (4), investigate the local construction materials sources, including transportation, prices, etc., mainly: sand and gravel, brick and block, plate, steel cement, etc. Based on these information, the civil construction section elaborates the structural form of the building for the client in the report, while establishing the structural form of the main project and the main building practices.
In addition to the above specialties, the specialties that need to collect information include: general transportation (geography and topography information; socio-economic situation; meteorology; flood; engineering geology and hydrogeology; traffic situation; environmental protection), tailings (tailings information, hydro-meteorology), water supply and drainage, HVAC, etc.
Through the above information collection and feasibility study of each profession, a feasibility plan is finally determined for the construction of the processing plant, and the plan is also written as a Feasibility Study Report, which is submitted to the relevant departments for review.
The Feasibility Study Report has strict requirements on the qualification, capability, experience and personnel titles of the preparation unit. It is an important basis for environmental assessment units, safety pre-evaluation and other units to carry out evaluation work such as environmental assessment and safety evaluation (some projects also have to carry out evaluation work such as soil and water conservation and land reclamation).
Through the Feasibility Study Report, customers can understand the approximate plant size, investment scale, plant revenue and other key issues.
II. Preliminary design
After the approval of the Feasibility Study Report, the mine design institute starts the preliminary design work and comes up with the design plan for the construction of the processing plant. The design plan mainly involves: mineral processing, general drawings, electricity, communications, civil construction, environmental protection, water supply and drainage, tailings, safety and fire protection, investment estimates, economic benefits, etc. For the reform, expansion and successive construction enterprises, the preliminary design will also explain the current situation of the beneficiation plant, its characteristics, the main problems and the utilization of the main buildings and equipment in the content.
Jinhao has many mineral processing engineers who can design different types of processing plants for customers according to their requirements, with less investment or quick results or easy management, while the design cost is lower than the national standard.
After the preliminary design is completed, the experts of the design institute will summarize all the contents into a detailed Preliminary Design Report, which will be submitted to the competent department of the mine design institute for examination.

III.construction drawing design
After the preliminary design audit is passed, the construction drawings start to be made according to the design plan. A large number of construction drawings have to be drawn for each aspect of the processing plant, for example, for civil construction, more than 50 construction drawings have to be drawn under normal circumstances. Jinhao Mining Machinery has many engineers with rich experience and fast drawing speed. After the construction drawings are completed, a "design handover" is made to the construction commanders at the construction site, in which details such as precautions, strict specifications and important contents of the construction drawings are handed over in detail.


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