Goals and Pursuits

Aim at the pursuit

Our corporate goal is to provide customers with one-stop services in the mining industry, including preliminary mineral analysis, mineral processing experimental research, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, equipment installation, design and commissioning, technical training and other comprehensive services to provide customers with perfect services to solve the problems in all aspects of the customer's investment to return. We take the win-win goal of maximizing the value of customers' interests and the company's growth as our responsibility, and pursue diligently, as if on thin ice, with perseverance and hard work, to make our company a well-known enterprise in the field of mineral processing in 10-20 years' time.



Sincerity is the way of heaven; establish enterprise with sincerity, win-win cooperation.



Accountability is competitiveness and responsibility is cohesion.



Continuous innovation can bring continuous progress to the company.



Gratitude is a source of strength for personal and team growth.

Corporate Spirit

Integrity Responsibility Innovation Gratitude

Core values: people-oriented, comprehensive progress.

People-oriented: adhere to humane governance, create an internal environment of equality and love, harmony and harmony, respect the needs of workers, and protect the interests of employees.

Comprehensive progress: focus on the growth and development of the company's sustainability, create the harmony of enterprise progress and staff development, the harmony between the company and society, and the harmony between people and nature, so that the fruits of reform and development report to society and benefit all employees.

Core business governance philosophy: integrity, innovation, performance, harmony, security.

Integrity: establish honesty and trustworthiness, truthfulness in words and deeds.

Innovation: advancing with the times, pioneering innovation.

Performance: Performance first, create excellence.

Harmony: unity and cooperation, create harmony.

Safety: people-oriented, safety first.

"Integrity, Innovation, Performance, Harmony and Safety" is an organic unified whole that reflects the value orientation of enterprise management decision and behavior.

Integrity is the cornerstone, innovation is the driving force, performance is the goal, harmony is the guarantee, and safety is the premise.

Science and technology concept: innovation and breakthrough, courageous practice.

Continuous innovation and continuous progress are the source and driving force for the survival and development of the enterprise, and always support the innovation of workers. In the idea of innovative work to liberate the mind, keep pace with the times, dare to break through the predecessors, dare to boldly practice, actively develop, introduce and promote new theories, new technologies and new processes suitable for mining machinery and equipment, provide comprehensive mine development solutions, manufacture technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient mining equipment.

Service philosophy: integrity, quality, win-win.

Honesty-based, trustworthy, strengthen service skills, improve service quality, provide quality services and excellent products, build to create a development platform and space for both sides, make the professional into a classic, to achieve win-win mutual benefit and common development.

Talent concept: enterprises cultivate talents, and talents dedicate to enterprises.

Establish and improve the system and mechanism for cultivating talents, build a platform for talents that can be tolerated, retained and developed, care for and love talents, give play to their intelligence in the development of enterprises, contribute to enterprises and realize the value of life.

Learning philosophy: based on the position, learning to apply.

Strive to build a learning enterprise to cultivate learning employees, improve the learning incentive mechanism, and create a good learning atmosphere. Establish the concept of body learning, based on the post learning, learning and application, comprehensive improvement, post success.

Health and safety environment concept: care for health, security, beautify the environment.

Establish the concept of "life and health are above everything, operating against the rules is suicide, commanding against the rules is killing" and "caring for the health of employees starts when they are healthy", create the necessary conditions for the health and safety of employees, improve the production and living conditions, improve the safety We will create necessary conditions for employees' health and safety, improve production and living conditions, improve the safety system, and strongly guarantee safe production. Pay attention to the protection of the environment, efforts to reduce pollution, greening and beautifying the production and living environment, to create a harmonious and natural environment of health and safety.


To serve different industries as our mission. To be your all-around assistant by your side.


Corporate Mission

Accomplish customers and create value for yourself.


Corporate Spirit

Integrity Responsibility Innovation Gratitude


Corporate Vision

To enhance value with quality and be a global trusted mining equipment manufacturer and service provider.


Corporate Objectives

Do a hundred-year enterprise, cast auspicious brand.


Corporate Mission

Integrity is the basis, quality is the top.


Corporate Values

People-oriented, all-round progress.

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